In My Name??

What if His name is not Jesus but your mind is made up? what if His name is Yahshua but you dont even look it up because your mind is made up.
What if Jesus comes tomorrow but its not Yahshua and you follow him and then Yahshua comes and you did not even know His Name “Yahshua hamashiach”

Then I ask the question who is Jesus then? and if Yahshua said “do it in My name” be baptized in my name, why do we do it in someone else’s name..??!!

16 thoughts on “In My Name??

  1. Thanks for the awesome information and answers belgian biblestudents…I totally agree with you and to ad to you ,i would like to say that at this time our Lord still answers the prayers to Him in the name jesus because He knows they are calling out to Him Yahshua.. but very soon from now the enemy might reveal himself as jesus. When that happens it will only be the ones with a real relationship with our King who will know the difference… at the end its about relationship and if there is love you would like to know His real Name, and if there is even the slightest chance that jesus is not it and you still protect this name it will be because of a religeous spirit that is so familiar to you it feels good.

    But the Word say there will be a strong delusion in the last days and many are going to follow it…

    My God is the God of the Sabbath on the 7th day…jesus is the son of the god of sunday the sun god. Why would anyone keep on calling Yahshua by a false god’s name if they have this information?

    Yvette this is not aimed at you…. 🙂

    Christiaan Coetzee


      1. Jesus is the “son of God” while Jehovah is God. There is only One God Creator. The world may take for itself many gods, like they took important persons and idols to name them ‘god’ (Pharao, Wotan, Zeus, Maradonna, Madonna, Mohammed Ali, a.o.) and even went to worship them. Lots of Christians do take the son of man, who is also the son of Abraham, the son Adam and son of god to be God himself. But Jesus never claimed to be God. He even said he could do nothing without his Father, who is greater than him.

        Also the Father who can not be seen, who is an eternal spirit and as such has no beginning and no end, , who can not be tempted, does not tell any lie, and can not die, said about the Nazarene Jew that he is His son. This godson could be heard, seen and touched, was tempted many times, but did not go into this temptation. He was tortured and his life came to an end when he really died. After three days in hell (the grave) he was taken out of the dead by his Father who made him higher than the angels, though he was lower before. (Remember that God is and always has been the Most High.)

        After Jesus his resurrection he was still a few day on this earth, where he showed the apostles his wounds to proof that he is not a spirit, like his Father is. He was taken up in heaven to become a mediator between God (Jehovah) and men. Jesus shall return to the earth to judge the living and the dead and to allow or not to allow people in the Kingdom of God, his father,to whom he shall hand over the Kingdom later (after the Millennium).


      2. By they way Belgian Bible school students. Thanks for answering questions. I do hope that a few people will be reading the answeres to the questions. I will also ask the Father for confirmation of your answers.


  2. Jesus means Hail Zeus and is a name taken on later when the men in power wanted to have the association with the heathen gods and created the Holy Trinity and took on the heathen holy days.

    You could use Yahshua, but better use Jeshua, with the e outspoken as a short ‘ai’ or like in ‘taken’.


  3. Our Lord Yahshua does know we are refering to Him when we use the name Jesus…But we are living in the end times and very soon we will be faced with a few choices that we wont be able to get around.. There is a false saviour and a false holy spirit in the world, and my question is, what if we are being set up to follow the king of the world instead of the King of the universe. but beside all of this what if His name is not Jesus, “That comes from the romans and greeks ” And we are to set in our religeon that we wont even investigate it…

    If someone is realy interested in a love relationship with me …I would like them to at least know my real name.
    Please read these few scriptures………

    Psalm 91:14
    “Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he knows my name.

    Romans 12:2
    Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.
    (2Th 2:10-11)

    And here is a link that gives more than enough information…..although i dont nesseseraly agree with everything….the point is i found this on Google and there are alot more…..
    ask the Ruach hakodesh (Holy Spirit) to show you the truth…but i think we are ignorant if we thing that the vatigan and catholic church did not change one word in the bible…or even
    that satan himself will not present himself as a savior and decieve alot this way.


  4. Where did the name Jesus come from? Why are we still using it? If it is so wrong why is He still answering our prayer and why can we still feel His presence if that is not His Name? does He not know Spiritually to whom we are calling?


    1. Dear Yvette, on some of our sites and on Christadelphian World you can find some answers too that question. In short: when in the 4th century the men in power wanted the clerics to agree with the many gods, christendom agreed to accept the false teaching of the Trinity. Jeshua was then made the counter-figure for Zeus so his name Jeshua was transformed to Issou [Is Sou = Is Zu/Jesus/Chesu/Jezus) which means ‘Hail (to) Zeus].
      Some years later they needed also to take a woman for a god, so they took Jeshua’s mother for mothergod.


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